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Care Guide and Packaging

Jewellery bass metal and care

Stainless steel

Unlike most base metals, stainless steel can take on and survive your day to day routine. Swim, sweat, shower, moisturise, etc the colour remains.

Soapy warm water and a wipe from time to time with a lint-free cloth are all you need to clean them. Do not use any type of jewellery cleaner or polish, easy life!

Your stainless steel jewellery comes with a 1-year warranty. Your jewellery should not tarnish, but if this was to happen within your first year, please contact us @ with your order number and we would gladly exchange it for a new one. Please note that your jewellery may darken over time and wear, this should not be mistaken as tarnishing. A simple soapy warm water should do the trick.


925 Sterling Silver 

  • Jewellery should come last. Apply make-up, perfume, moisturiser, hair spray etc first.
  • Silver metal can be washed with warm mild soapy water and dried with a lint-free cloth - Avoid scratching your silver by using a kitchen towel
  • Do not swim or shower with your jewellery
  • Remove jewellery before exercising
  • You may want to show your jewellery off on the beach, but the direct sunlight, sand and saltwater will do it no favours. Save it for evening cocktails.
  • After wearing your jewellery wipe with a polishing cloth.
  • Storage is key! As metal will tarnish when exposed to air, store it in an airtight jewellery box, ziplock bag or soft pouch.


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Because we love this planet of ours, we only use recycled and recyclable packaging from our outer box to our tissue paper.